Effective Solutions to Remove Sex Odor from Your Room


A night of lovemaking can build up a smell of funk in your room and your body. While some might just fall asleep right after the deed, others might have a reason to get rid of the smell quickly. There are a few steps you can take to help remove the smell of sex from your room and body.

Why Does Sex Smell?

Before we go over how to remove the smell of sex, we want to understand what causes the odor.


Number one reason that you and your bed might smell after sex is sweat. Sex can be a vigorous activity that can lead to you and your partner sweating.

Bad Hygiene

Bad hygiene can also produce a bad odor. Maybe you had not taken a shower prior to engaging in sex with a partner. Both male and female private parts can sweat and if not properly washed can have an odor and can be more recognizable during lovemaking.

Latex Condom or Sex Toys

Latex condoms or latex sex toys can also cause an odor during sex. Anyone who has used latex condoms should be familiar with the smell.

Health Conditions

Health conditions can also lead to a bad smell after sex. Either a bacterial infection or an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection).

How to Remove the Smell of Sex

Now that we know what can cause the musky smell after having sex, let’s talk about how to remove it. There are multiple ways of removing the smell and while we recommend using them all, you could get away with incorporating a couple.

1) Taking a Shower

The simplest method of removing the sex smell from your body is to take a quick shower. Make sure to use a bar of soap and wash your body making sure you also wash your private parts.

2) Washing Your Sheets

Taking your bed sheets and throwing them in the laundry will help remove the smell of sex from your bed. Any detergent will do the job and remove the smell easily.

3) Use Scented Oils or Candles

Scented oils or candles can also help remove the smell of sex from the room. But this is a more temporary solution because it just covers the smell but doesn’t remove the bacteria that will be on your body and sheets.

You could also use vinegar or vodka to help remove the scent if you do not have candles or oils available. Just fill up a spray bottle with either vinegar or vodka and spray any area that might smell. Both solution will help remove the odor.

4) Dispose of Condoms

Make sure you also dispose of any condoms. Make sure you dispose of them in a trash bin outside of the house and not one in your room.

5) Clean Sex Toys

If you used any sex toys make sure you clean them as well. We recommend using antibacterial hand wipes to easily help you clean.

6) Air Out Your Room

Opening up your windows can also help in the process of removing odor from your room. Leave them open for some time allowing fresh air to come in.

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