How do I Get Rid Of Groin Smell?


A smelly groin can be a common thing to experience. It can primarily be caused by sweat and hygiene in both women and men. At times it can be so strong that you will be able to smell the odor through your pants.

In this article, we will cover what causes an odor in your groin area and ways to prevent it.

What Causes Groin Odor?

Groin odor is common in both men and women. But understanding what can cause your groin to smell can help prevent an embarrassing situation. Here are some of the common reasons why you might be smelling down there.


Sweat is the most common reason why millions of men and women end up having a smelly groin area. From exercise to hot conditions, sweat can attract fungus and bacteria which can lead to a smell within the groin area.


Urine can also lead to a smelly groin especially if you have a urinary tract infection (UTI). Droplets of urine can get on your skin and or underwear. If not attended to and properly cleaned it can lead to a smell groin.


Not cleaning yourself down there can also lead to groin odor. By not cleaning yourself properly, you will see a build-up of dead skin, dirt, and sweat.


Having sex can also lead to groin odor. This is common because after making love the passion leads to sweat. If either of you might also have a yeast infection, that can also lead to a strong odor in the groin area.


You are what you eat. Certain foods in your diet can also lead to groin odor. It can affect your urine smell and also extract from your pores.


Some medications can cause your body to sweat and the sweat will start causing odor.


Yeast infection can also lead to odor. Like its name, it can cause a bread-like smell. It can also cause redness, itchiness, discharge, and skin irritation.

UTI is another infection that causes bacteria to infect your urinary tract. It can cause nausea, painful urination, side pains, smelly urine, fatigue, and at times fever.

How to Prevent Smell in Your Groin


While we can’t prevent sweat, we can prevent or minimize odor from sweat. Make sure you are bathing after an intense exercise routine. Make sure you completely dry yourself as well as water within body crevices can lead to odor as well.

Make sure to change into dry clothes. Make sure your clothing is also not tight on the body and that you are using breathable materials to allow your body to breathe and not sweat.


To help with urine odor, we want to make sure that we are cleaning ourselves after going to the bathroom. This can be using wet wipes or just a small amount of toilet paper. Make sure you also change into a clean pair of underwear daily.


Hygiene is key to staying odor-free. Showering daily can help a lot with odor. Depending on if you were exercising or it was just a hot day, you might even need to take more than one shower a day.


If you just had sex washing your private parts with soap and water will help remove the odor.


Certain foods like garlic, asparagus, onions, and fish can cause our entire body to smell and also our urine. Either not including these foods or minimizing the amount in diets can help with removing odor in our groin.


Medications that are causing you to sweat can lead to odor. if your medication is causing you to sweat, speak with your physician to see if there are any alternatives.


Similar to medications, you should be speaking with your physician if you believe you have a groin infection. Some signs can be redness, irritation in the skin, itching, and a burning sensation. You will be prescribed medication that will help rid you of the infection.

Can You Conceal Groin Odor?

Depending on the severity and what is causing your groin to smell, yes there are temporary ways to conceal the odor. A deodorant spray can help and so can perfume and cologne. A great solution is Certain Dri, a prescription-strength clinical antiperspirant deodorant for men and women.

Concealing is also a temporary approach. Make sure you follow our steps in removing odor for good.

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