How to Get Rid of Wet Dog Smell


Multiple times we have played with our dogs and everything is fine until they get wet. All of a sudden this really bad odor starts coming off of them. What just happened?

Wet dog smell occurs when bacteria in your dog’s fur or skin is combined with water. We don’t notice it’s there because it is not as strong when it is dry.

We are going to cover some of the steps you should be taking to prevent or minimize your best friend from smelling when they get wet.

Groom Your Dog

Grooming your dog daily can help remove dead skin, debris, and excess hair. Once a month take them to a professional groomer as well for extra attention. Some dogs will require additional grooming that you might not want to do at home like cutting their fur.

Wash Your Dog Once a Month

Washing your dog with specific shampoos will also help remove bacteria. Certain dogs might require to be washed more often, so check with your vet. unlike humans, you should not wash your dog every day as that can be bad for their skin and remove essential oils. Make sure you also do a good job drying your dog. Use a blow dryer at a low temperature to help dry their fur. Wet fur can lead to additional bacteria and smell.

Dog’s Diet

Certain foods can also cause odor buildup. This is more of a preference and test that you might also want to try. Not all dogs are built the same so their diets can also produce different results. Checking with your vet here will help as well.

Clean Bedding

Make sure you are also cleaning their bedding. Similar to us, you are going to want them to have a clean space to sleep in. Wouldnt makes sense to give them a bath and have them go sleep on their old dirty bedding.

Bacterial and Skin Disease

If you notice that your dog is still smelly after following our guide, they might have a bacterial or skin disease. This can be particularly seen in dogs like a Chinese Sharpey, English Bulldog, and others. Because of their folds, we tend to either not wash well between the folds or don’t do a good job drying them.

This can be treated with over-the-counter medications or a visit to your vet.

Fast Solutions to Remove Wet Dog Smell

There are sprays available that will hide your pet’s wet dog smell. We do not recommend them as an alternative to our guide, but a last-minute option if you want to remove the wet dog odor. We recommend the Arm & Hammer Deodorizing Spray. We like this because it has baking soda in the mixture which helps and doesn’t have toxins. if you are going to purchase something different, make sure it is an odor remover for pets and not a pet odor remover for furniture and floors.

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