What Does Mice Urine Smell Like?


Mice urine has a strong, distinctive smell that is mildly ammonia-like with whiffs of sour vinegar. Not surprisingly, this kind of stink can quickly invade the entire house. Mice are very attracted to dark spaces and will seek living or storage areas near nighttime activity or food sources like pet food bowls, unraked leaves next to the house, trash cans out overnight and carelessly stored seeds in an open garage. They’re also likely if you leave air vents on so they can sneak inside for warmth during winter months when it gets cold outside. Permanently eliminating mice from your home requires patience because multiple tamperings and inspections may be needed before you can find and stop all the entry points. In the process of inspection, it’s important to locate where mice are getting in, because they will often use several entrances for a number of reasons.

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