Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas


If you are smelling gas in your car, it is very important to take immediate action. Make sure you are not driving and turned off the car and removed the ignition. Avoid lighting any matches or smoking till you have safely diagnosed the issue and are certain that there is no danger. While we are going to provide some reasons for you to diagnose the problem on your own, we still highly recommend you call a professional and instead of driving the vehicle yourself, have it towed.

So let’s get started with the reasons why a car can smell like gas.

There Is a Fuel Leak

The first reason that your car might smell like gas is that it could be due to a damaged fuel line, a loose fuel tank cap, or a faulty fuel pump. A fuel leak can cause your car to have a strong odor of gas. You should do a quick inspection of the undercarriage of your car, where the fuel pipe is, to inspect if there are any leaks.

Clogged Fuel Filter

A clogged fuel filter can also cause the inside of your car to smell like gasoline. The clog in the filter can cause your engine to misfire which can lead to the inside of your car smelling like gas. A clogged fuel filter can also lead to a poorly performing car as it will tend to not get enough fuel to the engine. We recommend inspecting the fuel filter and seeing if a replacement is needed. The fuel filter can be found on the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine. It is normally under the hood of the car but depending on certain vehicles it can be in a different location. Consult your car’s owner manual to be certain.

Damaged Fuel Pump

A fuel pump that is working incorrectly can also lead to a gas smell in the car. If it is not functioning correctly it can lead to your engine running rich. Running rich means that your engine is receiving too much fuel. There are multiple things that might occur if you have a bad fuel pump, from your car not starting, or sputtering and dying while driving, you are noticing lower gas mileage, and other reasons.

Fuel Tank Cap

The fuel tank cap can also cause your car to smell like gas. You will want to first check that it was closed properly from previous use and is not able to let out any gas smell. There might also be damage to the cap from being dropped or it is worn or damaged from exposure to the elements.

See a Professional

We highly recommend you see a professional even if you are able to diagnose the issue yourself. There could be other reasons causing the smell of gas which we might not have mentioned here. Or the belief that it could just be one of the items we listed and not realize there might be multiple. Also, do not assume this will only happen to older vehicles.

One of our writers at Stripodor.com has personally experienced a damaged fuel line in their car. It started with the car sputtering and a lack of performance. It then lead to smoke coming from the engine bay and finally to a fire. A fuel leak can be dangerous if not addressed right away and by a professional.

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