How to Get Weed Smell Out of Your Car


You lend your car to a friend (😉) and they bring it back with the inside of it smelling of weed. We all know that weed has a pretty strong odor that is easily noticeable by friends, your parents, and even cops. We definitely don’t want others to get the wrong idea. So how do you get the smell of marijuana out of your car?

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

How Long Does Weed Smell Last in a Car?

The smell of weed can stay in the car for a reasonable time. It can last anywhere from 5 hours to a couple of days. It all depends if you just had a small smoke break or have been hotboxing in the car for some time.

In most instances when smoking weed in the car, windows are closed which prevents the smoke from leaving the car. This will provide more time for it to stick to upholstery more so than hard surfaces. And the strong odor we end up smelling from weed is caused by one of its ingredients called Terpenes.

Temporary & Quick Odor Coverup

If you had a small smoke break and nothing too drastic, you might be able to mask the smell pretty easily. Certain perfumes or essential oils can do the job. Just spray them on the upholstery to help cover up the smell. You can also use certain air fresheners to help cover the smell.

Note from the editor: When we mention perfume, we do not want individuals to get mixed up and think of women’s fragrances. The word perfume is unisex and used to reference oil concentration. Fragrances labeled as perfume will have a more last smell.

Full Weed Smell Removal

A temporary solution might not work for all and a full-blown odor removal might be required. In that case here are a few steps we can take to help remove the odor of weed.

  1. A Gel odor remover like Ozium is a great way to remove the odor. Ozium is a brand that a lot of individuals swear by. It also comes in a spray form. Just place the gel in your car or use the spray on your upholstery and let it do its job.
  2. There are at-home solutions as well that might help do the trick. These options might require a bit more work and multiple uses. You can use coffee grounds and place them in a small jar inside your car. Baking soda can also help remove odor. Other options that can also help are white vinegar and lemon which can be mixed with water and used in a spray format any applied to areas of the car.
  3. You can also have your car auto-detailed. Finding a great local detailer to wash the inside of your car can help remove the weed odor. This might be the more expensive route but worth it if your car also needs cleaning.

Preventing Weed Smell In The Car

There is no magical product that will prevent the smell from building up in the future. We recommend using our odor-removing steps more often than later. This can make the odor-removing process much easier in the future. Adding a gel scent like Ozium that we mentioned above will also help in removing future weed odor.

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