How to Get Rid of Vomit Smell in Car


Getting rid of vomit from your car can be pretty simple, especially with the new materials that cars are being made with. But the odor just won’t go away. You have the option of taking it to a detailer but that will cost you over $100.

We are going to share some simple DIY steps that you can take to remove the odor of vomit from your car.

Removing the Vomit

The first step to remove the odor is to remove the vomit. Make sure you do this as quickly as possible to prevent it from seaping further into cloth seats. Using a damp cloth you can start removing the vomit from the seat. Make sure you are not pushing it into the seat, but rather wiping and lifting up. Grab any additional chunks you might see as well with the cloth.

Using a q-tip you can clean any that might be stuck between the crevisis of the seats. Check the seatbelts as well and make sure to also rub them with a damp cloth.

Remove the Vomit Smell

Once the majority of the vomit has been removed, we are going to now wipe the seat a bit more with a combination of water and vinegar. The vinegar will help remove the odor and break up smaller amounts of vomit that might be left. We like to use a scrubber for this as well to get deap into the seat.

A leather seat should be a bit easier to clean, but make sure if you are using a scrub that it is safe and will not damage the leather.

Once you have used water and vinegar, you will want to leave the car to dry a bit by leaving the window open. This will air dry the seat and the vinegar will help slightly in removing the odor.

After a couple of hours or if the seat is dry to the touch, you are going to want to apply an odor remover or an air freshner. There are spray on options you can use, we reccomend the Chemical Guys Odor Remover Spray. Let your car sit for a while again but this time close the windows to make sure the scent doesn’t leave your car.

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