How to Get Rid of Bleach Smell on Hands


Bleach is a widely used product and is available in probably every household. It is widely used for removing stains from clothes or to whiten your laundry. Bleach is also used for disinfecting surfaces primarily in the kitchen and bathroom. And if you have used it in one form or another you have probably gotten it over your hands and have a hard time getting rid of the strong odor that comes from Bleach. The good news is that there are ways of removing the smell of blech from your hands.

Rid Bleach Smell with Vinegar

Vinegar is a simple way of ridding bleach odor from your hands. We recommend using white vinegar as the scent is less noticeable when compared to apple cider vinegar. Vinegar itself might leave a smell but it normally goes away once it has dried.

What you will need: A bottle of vinegar, a bowl, a dry towel, and a sink to rinse in.

Steps for removing bleach smell from your hands

  1. Pour a cup of vinegar into the bowl.
  2. Place your hands over the bowl and begin coating your hands with the vinegar and rub into your hands.
  3. Once you have coated your hands with the vinegar, you will then want to rinse it with cold water. Make sure you do not use hot water as that will open up your pores and make it harder to remove the odor.
  4. Once you have rinsed your hands with cold water towel dry them and the smell should be gone. If it is still there, try a second time and it should go away.

Rid Bleach Smell with Lemons

Lemons are another great way of removing the smell of bleach from your hands. If you do not have lemons, you can try other citrus fruits that are high in acidity like lemons.

What you will need: A lemon or other high acidic citrus fruit, a dry towel, and a sink to rinse in.

Steps to remove bleach odor from your hands

  1. Start by cutting your lemon in half.
  2. Standing over a sink you can start rubbing the lemon into your hands. Slowly squeeze the lemon to also get some of the juices out while rubbing it between your hands.
  3. Once you are done rubbing the lemon onto your hands, rinse it out with cold water. And just like with vinegar, make sure you are not using warm water as it will open up your poars which will suck in the bleach odor making it more difficult to remove.
  4. Once you have rinsed your hands, towel dry them and check if the smell is gone. If not, just repeat once more and it should go away.

Remove Bleach Smell with Stainless Steel Spoon

Stainless steel can also help in removing the bleach smell from your hands. If you don’t have a spoon any other utensil will also help as long as it is not sharp so it doesn’t cut you. You can also look at purchasing Akoak Odor Remover which is a stainless steel bar of soap.

What you will need: A stainless steel spoon, a dry towel, and a sink to rinse in.

Steps to remove bleach odor from your hands

  1. Grab your stainless steel spoon and stand over your sink.
  2. Turn on the water and using both hands, grasp the spoon and begin rubbing it. Keep doing this until you notice the smell is going away.
  3. Once done towel dry your hands and only repeat if the smell hasn’t fully gone away.

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